U Adjustable hand bed rails

Model : BDRM002
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ModelDescriptionMax weightHeightLengthPackageCarton size
BDRM002U shape136kgs47-54.5cm54.2cm5PCS58.5x37x48cm
BDRM001R shape136kgs50-57.5cm45cm5PCS56x37x56.5cm

Adjustable hand bed rails for elderly
Designed to provide a stable safety support for people who have trouble getting up from their beds.
Made from superior quality materials
a handy storage pocket which is large enough to hold most items

ModelDescription Max weight    Height    Length  PackageCarton size
BDRM002 U shape  136kgs47-54.5cm   54.2cm  5PCS58.5x37x48cm
BDRM001 R shape  136kgs50-57.5cm      45cm  5PCS56x37x56.5cm