Qunn flighting Covid-19

2022-02-08 Return to list

QUNN really faced the challenge of COVID-19 during the worst pandemic of the century.  Factory care about all employees' safety and health in this special perid and insists that  working and production should be resumed in an orderly manner while prevention and control work must continue.The following tips can help reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus:

  • Encourage workers to stay home if they are sick.

  • Establish flexible work hours (e.g., staggered shifts), if feasible.

  • Practice sensible social distancing and maintain six feet between co-workers, where possible.

  • For work activities where social distancing is a challenge, consider limiting the duration of these activities and/or implementing innovative approaches, such as temporarily moving or repositioning workstations to create more distance or installing barriers (e.g., plexiglass shields) between workstations.

  • Monitor public health communications about COVID-19 recommendations for the workplace and ensure that workers have access to and understand that information.

  • Train workers on how to properly put on, use/wear, take-off, and maintain protective clothing and equipment.

  • Allow workers to wear masks over their nose and mouth to prevent spread of the virus.

  • Encourage respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.

  • Discourage workers from using other workers’ tools and equipment.

  • Use Environmental Protection Agency-approved cleaning chemicals from List N or that have label claims against the coronavirus.

  • Promote personal hygiene. If workers do not have access to soap and water for handwashing,provide alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60 percent alcohol.

  • Encourage workers to report any safety and health concerns.